I drew a heart around the name of your city

I don’t want to do lab reports and study for my exam I want to paint Warhammer, pat my dogs and watch porn

Found the perfect apartment in my budget 2kms from uni and Domino’s

Anonymous: What's your background/ethnicity?

Burmese on both sides of my family. I was born and grew up in Australia but I try and go back every year. The most beautiful country I’ve ever been.

cassinova22: Whats your kik id


Anonymous: How old are you?

Too young

Things I have done today:

- Assumed fetal position on couch and cried about how I’m so behind on everything and I’m the only one to blame

- Googled the benefits of almonds then ate like 50

Fuck stayed up until 4am reading the likes of “11 biggest photoshop fails” and not reading anything about respiratory diseases