I drew a heart around the name of your city

Anonymous: You are a dream Tiffany, one day I hope to make you smile.

This made me smile. Whoever you are, thank you.

How nice is having someone’s fingers run across your skin though

I went to a show and spoke to 3 people. That’s enough social interaction for the next month thanks.

First valentine’s day alone in years. Just going to go masturbate in the shower and cry.

What’s the point of ever caring about anyone
Either you end up hurting them or they hurt you
Sook post #783827

Anonymous: I would love to have sex with you x

Thanks I guess

luztone: Do you kik? Or talk any other way besides tumblr ?

Sometimes I talk in person

I need to stop being such a little bitch and start cutting out the toxic people from my life. Here is a big fuck you to those who compulsively lie and talk shit about others to build their reputations and make themselves look better.