I drew a heart around the name of your city

Things I have done today:

- Assumed fetal position on couch and cried about how I’m so behind on everything and I’m the only one to blame

- Googled the benefits of almonds then ate like 50

Fuck stayed up until 4am reading the likes of “11 biggest photoshop fails” and not reading anything about respiratory diseases

Anonymous: That's crazy! So how many years left until you finish the degree?

Well, this is my first year and the bachelor of science is a three year degree but I am doing summer semesters and some extra subjects so perhaps I will be able to finish it by the end of next year then med is 4 years. 

Anonymous: What do you study?

I was studying a bachelor of biomedicine but I just changed to a bachelor of science with my major in biomed to save a year. I’ll continue with a bachelor of medicine/surgery after I complete this degree.


why i got like 3 irl friends

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some days you’re forest whitakers left eye some days you’re forest whitakers right eye